Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Spanish expression

Al desdichado hace consuelo tener compania en su suerte y duelo.

Literal translation: The unlucky one finds consolation in being accompanied by his luck and in his pain.

Meaning of the phrase: Two in distress makes sorrow less.


  1. I wonder, where you've heard this expression. It is hard to find people who sying it. They say "Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos"

  2. I'm Portuguese and Salvadorian. My abuelo (from Salvador) said this to me as a child. Don't know how common it is there, but I thought that might help.

  3. Gracias! Perhaps there are variations in different parts of the Spanish speaking World. There are very many differences between British English and American English and in England, different parts of the country have different sayings that mean the same thing!